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meeting new people has never been..

sooooooooooooo easy !

north jersey dating BABY
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1) when you join please post the following information to the community, this is kind of like an application but you cant get rejected from the community
sexual preference [boy, girl, both]
something that drives you nuts, or "pet peeve":
music taste/favorite band[s] or artist[s]:
something youre intrested in or want to be when you grow up [lol]:
PICTURES >> post multiple pictures of yourself so then everyone knows what you look like :
lastt... why did you join this community?:
2) this is a community to meet new people, mostly someone who'd like to hang out with, become good friends with, date or just have a little fun with
3) read the applications and if you like what you see.. start talking to them.. its the way it works
4) ALWAYS post new pictures of yourself or anything else new about yourself, have a little confidence you might find someone looking for someone just like you !

1) no mean comments, this isnt a rating community
yea fights happen, just try to avoid them ..
2) try to post pictures and information posts in an lj-cut
for those that do not know how to do an lj-cut, it looks like this [ just remove the stars
<*lj-cut text="type a message here"*> this is wear you post your pictures or type whatever is needed <*/lj-cut*>